Etihad to test tech that identifies medically at-risk travelers

Etihad Airways has partnered with Australian company Elenium Automation to trial new technology that enables self-service devices at airports to be used to help... Continue Reading

IFEC ready to aid airlines impart new inflight protocols to passengers

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Elderly hand holding airplane seat.

#PaxEx Podcast Transcribed: Coronavirus and MAX level one-two punch

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A touchless lavatory as envisaged by Diehl. A woman places the back of her hand a few inches away from a sensor above the aircraft toilet, and the lid is seen closing

Crystal Cabin concepts that address passenger health prove timely

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The surprising importance of a lounge for an independent traveler

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Plane taking off into red sunset.

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes to conquer the skies anew

This is not the whole story, but we don’t have time. I’ll tell you the full tale over a beer when we next meet at an aviation event. We’ll h... Continue Reading

AA black lab waits at the door beside a suitcase. The dog is a service animal for his owner, the author of this Op-Ed

Op-Ed: DOT NPRM could discourage service animal owners from traveling

This is an Op-Ed contribution from Justin Yarbrough, a guide dog handler who works as an accessibility specialist, and writes about assistiv... Continue Reading