Freight wrapped in a net on board a passenger aircraft

Preighter market faces “COVID Combi” EASA deadline

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many airlines have been carrying cargo in passenger cabins under regulatory exemptions permitting ... Continue Reading

Aircraft interior view of the overhead bins closed.

AirFi updates box logic to meet new EASA battery safety guidance

Wireless inflight entertainment provider AirFi is rolling out updated charging logic for its semi-embedded boxes that use both battery and onboard power, follow... Continue Reading

Azul offers Viasat-powered free inflight Internet on domestic flights

Brazilian operator Azul is differentiating its service by offering free inflight connectivity, powered by Viasat, on 17 domestic aircraft, w... Continue Reading

Nose of a SmartSky aircraft up-close. Image: Honeywell

Honeywell becomes VAR for SmartSky connectivity in BizAv

Honeywell has expanded the suite of inflight connectivity services it can offer North American business aircraft operators, after signing on... Continue Reading

Aircraft interior view from the rear of the aircraft. IFE seatback screens and passenger' heads are visible.

Six open questions that single-aisle longhaul still needs to answer

As the single-aisle longhaul market continues to accelerate, a number of key passenger experience design questions still need to be answered... Continue Reading

Panasonic seatback IFE on board the Delta 737-900ER

Comparing Delta’s 737-900ER and 757 on New York-Seattle

If I were to tally up all of my flights over the years, New York-Seattle probably tops the list of routes I’ve flown the most. It’s a rather... Continue Reading